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SEX! SEX!! SEX!!! Catholic Church and Anglican… The Debate on Celibacy Rages On

SEX! SEX!! SEX!!! Catholic Church and Anglican… The Debate on Celibacy Rages On

I’m betting this cover gets a bunch of first-time congregants. (h/t RK)


  1. Not only are the ! missing from the cover, but I took a peek at the inside text on Amazon and saw a few typos. And it was not well written. E.g. “holier-thank-thou”. I guess the author is a lousy writer and lousy cover designer, but hopes to make some money by putting sex on the cover.

    1. If Edward Bernays was right that “Sex sells”, then with SEX! SEX!! SEX!!! this’ll be a mega-seller.

  2. I love how the cover designer decided that the unreadable text on the side was so important that we needed to have it twice. Maybe the theory was that we would have twice the chance of deciphering it, but twice zero is still zero.

  3. Oh, and I’m just curious why this cover got a “false flagging” tag. Based on the cover, I would assume that this is an unreadable mess trying to make some ill-defined point about a celibate priesthood. Based on what little I could get through of the sample, it seems like the cover represents the book perfectly.

    1. Because this book is a discussion of the pros and cons of clerical celibacy in the context of reported priestly misconducts and associated coverups, yet the sexy couple on the cover is more appropriate to an erotic romance.

  4. I remember submitting this, but I don’t remember exactly when. Your bad covers hopper must be absolutely bulging with submissions. Maybe for the upcoming April Fools Day, you could finally post that “butt-ception” montage of covers I submitted sometime last year?

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