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Begats: The Most Boring Parts of the Bible

Begats: The Most Boring Parts of the Bible

And this cover does nothing to dispel that assessment.


    1. I believe that cover effect is the result of cloning in the Photoshop sense, not of multiplying in the Biblical sense.

  1. I dislike the fact that the original languages translated in 1611 for the KJV did not have punctuation and used ” and ” a lot where we would use “. ” full stop. The KJV kept all those sentences strung together with unnecessary ” and “s. Would I write a book about it? No.

  2. Hard to tell with all the compression artifacts, but I think those repetitious paper-doll cut-outs count as “pseudohumans” as well.

    1. Yes I think so too. The shading on the children is particularly unrealistic and very Poser-like. And for some reason the adults are flat-shaded…

    1. Funny line, but that looks more like Zambia as the source. Note Madagascar to the right and the Arabian peninsula at the top. With so many giant clones bursting into space, it seems the planet has taken on a terrible tilt.

      1. The illustration looks more like “be-cloning” to me. Not as much fun as begatting, I would think.

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