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The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis


The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis

I — I don’t…


  1. Don’t these people have eyes in their heads? Are they not able to see that this sucks before they put it in front of the public? I know. I know…you don’t have to say it. They got eyes but no sense.

    A message to these self-labeled writers/designers:
    For the luvva Mike Brady, next time just make the cover plain red with white text or something if you won’t even consult a real graphic artist. You’re frightening small children, traumatizing old people, and making the rest of us very uncomfortable. And here’s a very important tip: takes real talent to do all-digital bodies/faces. Ahem. You do not have it.

    1. Penny, I have to say it certainly DOES look like furry pissed it’s pants.
      I would also like to say that I completely agree with Sirona’s comment. Though harsh words maybe, but what she says is completely true. All of it.

  2. Dang! Sprayed coffee all over the keyboard and monitor. Couldn’t stop laughing. This has gotta be the FUNNIEST cover on LBC so far for 2014.

  3. *wants to cry* Nuthin’ wrong with Furry stuff. There is EVERYTHING wrong with this cover. Ugh. *shudders* Red AND blue text? Really? And WTF is with that awful poser-critter? I paint better stuff in my sleep, and I consider my art rather mediocre. D-:

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