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Card House: The First Hand

Card House: The First Hand

Oh dear lord…


  1. I don’t know which part amuses me the most? The insanely clashing fonts of the title? The wildly differing levels of definition that varies between individual family members? The grandmother who’s head looks as if it’s trying to twist itself up and off her shoulders? The older brother who looks like his head is floating independently of his body?

    I think what sells it for me is the facial expression of the patriarch in the top center. His entire facial expression seems to be saying, “Boy, what the actual f***?”

  2. The cover designer could not get even one face correct, they’re all distorted. Is it some kind of sci fi or fantasy with time warps or people who are shapeshifters?
    The fonts suggest it’s actually a comedy about clowns.

  3. The father figure looks a bit like an older Cuba Gooding Jr. I imagine he is thinking, “This is not what I meant when I said, Show me the money”

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