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Double Lightning

Double Lightning

As advertised.


  1. Luckily the covers tells us it’s a “Mystery Paranormal Thriller,” because the girl looks less than thrilled with the double lightning.

    1. That is the least thrilled and least impressed gal I’ve seen since McKayla Maroney at the London Olympics 2012.

    1. Good question. But at least it’s not double teaming.
      I’m also wondering what the fleur-de-lys has to do with anything. And then there’s that weird Christmas-tree effect. I suppose that’s to ratchet up the excitement 🙂

    1. She needs to fix her layers. Those are the girl’s legs but since she’s not opaque (I assume so the blue bleed through would make her look like part of the background) the letters are viewed through her legs which is entirely weird.

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