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Operation Hail Storm

Operation Hail Storm

Classroom edition? Oh, goodie — it comes with homework!


  1. So many homework questions. Why is the ship blurred? What’s a bald eagle doing over the ocean? A how does a little quad-copter lift a Gatling gun (never mind firing one)?

    1. Apparently, the ship has a not-so-efficient stealth system in place, the eagle is on holiday, and the Gatling gun is made of rubber.

  2. Little known fact: The US Navy has destroyers which can launch lightbulbs that startle enemies with a loud POP when the bulb hits the ground.

    1. Apparently, the US Navy launches very large TV Remote Controls that can double as warships. Handy for changing the channels on the moon, and just in case the whacko in N. Korea goes for it, you can deploy the GammaRay Gatling Gun!

    1. The Look Inside! reveals it is a rocket powered drone.

      On the cover it appears abnormally large, which would call attention to itself in the real world, hardly stealthy.

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