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The Dragon Shifter’s Babies

The Dragon Shifter’s Babies

I am ashamed of my species.


  1. Oh.
    Oh noooooo.

    This is real.
    Someone made this.
    Thinking others would see this wanting to buy the book.

    Oh wait, it’s a book about an obese woman fucking a dragon person and getting pregnant with a dragon baby. The people who read this stuff probably won’t be turned off by something this horrendous-looking.

  2. Why is it that so many “BBW romance” covers appear to feature perfectly average-sized women?

    1. She could be a BBW (Basketball Widow) left home alone all season on weekend nights to fantasize about being impregnated by a dragon shapeshifter.

  3. I think “Buyer Beware” and “Banned Books Week” fit better here. O.o
    Has “Shifter? I Don’t even know ‘er?” passed its use-by date?

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