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Fire War

Fire War

Why is one “Readers Favorite” award circular and the other oval? Why???


      1. “processed in a facility that also handles peanuts and shellfish”!

        wait, maybe not that one.

        1. Maybe it oughta be required. People have a right to know if a book will trigger their allegery.

  1. “Why is one “Readers Favorite” award circular and the other oval? Why???”

    Nathan, you probably really don’t want to know. 🙁

    And, hey, two — count ’em, two — BS award stickers on the cover. Can “readers” ever be wrong? 🙂

  2. You know, even with the layers issue, without those hideous medallions and with a more readable color for the text, it wouldn’t be a bad cover. Who mucked it up? Geez.

    1. I disagree. The text and art are all so dark that one hardly read the title and can only tell that the author’s name is “Michael”. Also one can’t tell if that is a fireman, a soldier, or a football player, which isn’t one of the layering issues but a problem with the art itself. Weirdly the faint overlay of the Declaration of Independence is the only part of the cover that seems either clear or on point, at least that’s how it seems to my eye.

      1. That’s why I suggested a more readable color for the type. And I think the guy is in a medieval helmet. Though the fact that I don’t know for sure is an indication you are right about the rest.

    2. It’s ingeniously designed so all that extra stuff doesn’t distract the eye from the two award stickers. Except maybe for the book title, “Peanuttie Worlitzer Pipes” or something like that.

  3. What organization are these “awards” from? What is the difference between “book award” and “five stars”?

  4. Black text on a dark background. Author’s name kept hidden. Main pic unclear.
    Two made-up awards, one distorted.
    And yet someone thought this cover was good enough for publication.
    At least it was suitable for being featured on this site.

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