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The Officer’s Mess

The Officer’s Mess

Aw, that’s just too easy…


  1. What is he doing to that girl?

    Is he hurting her?

    How does she breathe with him on top of her like that?

    That can’t be comfortable.

    And where is his shirt?

    Is she in her underwear? If not, she needs to wear longer shorts.

    This is too weird for me.

    1. He’s a vampire. He doesn’t drink wine. (Trust me. I know about such things. I sat up one Sat nite and saw Dracula on Svengoolie.)

  2. Do they have an officer’s mess on cruise ships? This cover is wrong on so many levels, it makes me seasick. I also predict, it’s the last cruise that hussy ever takes.

    1. Yeah, I was confused by which definition of mess was meant in the title. If it’s both, then dinner must be on the table?

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