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“I Sent You A Boat…” – 10 Jokes That Changed My Life

“I Sent You A Boat…” – 10 Jokes That Changed My Life

Oh, for a designer…


    1. No kidding. The Amazon is teeming with piranha selling short story eBooks for prices most eBook publishers ask for an anthology of stories or a complete novel.

      Some authors/publishers make a nice bit of change selling a short story for 99 cents. More readers will take a chance. I have paid $2.99 for 190 page and 172 page eBook anthologies from the independent small press. In my not so humble opinion $2.99 is priced not to sell for a dozen +/- page eBook.

      1. Well, somebody must have fallen for it. This “book” (I’ve seen pamphlets longer than 11 pages) has three five-star reviews, and two of the three are tagged Verified Purchase. For that much, I was almost expecting this to be the physical copy, but nope: it’s $2.99 for eleven purely electronic pages of jokes you could probably read for free somewhere else on the internet. Either those must be some amazingly funny jokes (none of which can be seen in the preview), or some amazingly stupid buyers.

        $2.99 apiece for 190 and 172 electronic pages of anthologies? What a rip-off! You could have paid that much for 352 electronic pages of a full novel (and you could actually have read some of it in the preview to know whether it might be enough to your liking to be worth the money). You probably still got a better deal for your purchases than you would have for this book, though.

  1. Dude, if you worked for Debbie Reynolds and Phyllis Diller, put something about it on the cover! Good grief!

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