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Vision: The Reluctant Psychic

Vision: The Reluctant Psychic

Photobombing banana!


  1. At first I thought a suburb had been invaded by a flying saucer carrying a huge banana. Hi-res zoom-in I see that is a logo for “Bent Banana Books BBB”. Publisher’s logo should not be part of the picture, but part of the frame, preferably sitting in an upper corner, and large enough to be clearly identifiable.

  2. “The Reluctant Psychic introduces police detective Trudy Harper who battles with acceptance” — There’s just no pleasing some people.

    1. Since she knows her colleagues would lampoon her “erratic ability” if they knew, wouldn’t she be battling for acceptance?
      If she battles with acceptance, why wouldn’t she want her colleagues to accept her ability? Does she have a martyrdom complex?
      Which raises the question: how does she know her ability “will be lampooned by her hard-bitten colleagues”? Is she psychic?

  3. I figured it was the Bananamobile. You know, like the Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile. Drives around the countryside, treating innocent bystanders to freebie Bananas. But…but…a LOGO? Really?

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