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The e-Book Cover Design Awards at TheBookDesigner.com

These monthly book cover design awards are always worth a look, especially because all submissions are shown, usually with comments.  Some of the covers are splendid; some could use some help; and some are train wrecks. (I chose to make particular mention of the March awards because one of the covers submitted here has already been featured on Lousy Book Covers, and several others ought to be.  There are some bad covers in the world that are the product of desperation or poverty, but others are perpetrated by those who honestly –and erroneously — think they have the skill to do a professional job themselves.)


  1. Looking at some of them I cannot fathom how some of these people who submitted thought they had some chance in the contest? Maybe they just thought Oh hai, free publicity? The good covers who won prices are often very good but many could have just submitted straight here.

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