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Aurora Conspiracy The Series: Episode 3


Aurora Conspiracy The Series: Episode 3

I have so constructed my life that people send me things like this. (h/t Steve French)


  1. Words fail me. Yet these authors can link every event in human history to one man and a naked pregnant woman using a little over 12-thousand words. Genius!

    Anyway, who’s Joe Watson?

  2. Wow.

    Really, if you have to give a 35 word summary, minus puff piece review and *thirteen word* title and subtitle: your cover image is not enhancing words by being:”Hey, there’s a women who glows blue when she’s pregnant, with a 3D modelled guy wanting to shoot her stomach and a miniature Wright Brothers plane that seems to be doing a fly past.”

  3. Notice how the quote manages to completely avoid giving an opinion on the book.

    When a non-committal remark from a nobody is the best you can manage, that does not at all bode well.

  4. There is something seriously wrong with the gunslinger’s head. Is he a zombie manikin?

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