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Trouble on the Doorstep


Trouble on the Doorstep

You can tell it looks bad before you can even see what it is.


  1. Thought process: Hey – I’ll take a picture of my house, and add in a drawing of a knife, and color in some blood that drips SIDEWAYS! How awesome would THAT be?

    1. Not if the cover photograph was still at the same proportions and the same angle. If it were a closer shot looking down at, say, a welcome mat with a bloody knife at an angle across it…

  2. Oh I get it! It is a subtle hint that the person used the wrong colors for the title and author, they were supposed to use blood red.
    “Don’t worry, I will photoshop the bloody knife in later, no one will notice.”

  3. I think a good stain remover could get rid of all that trouble on the doorstep.

  4. It could have been an okay cover. If they just staged a real bloody knife instead of photoshopping. Photoshop is not your friend!!!

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