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Coyote Truck Maintenance

Coyote Truck Maintenance

I can’t decide if the text on the cover is an ineptly punctuated anonymous pullquote, or an even more inept blurb. (h/t Curtis)


  1. It’s kind of a shame. I actually went and read part of the LITB. This guy could probably write a funny book about his character/avatar, but, sweet Jesus, he needs some PRACTICE. It’s the typical thing–he’s about 9,999 hours short of that 10,000 hour mark. I can see he has it; if he’d take the time, he could make it work…but I’m not holding my breath.

    And yes, for Inquiring Minds–that’s the tagline.

  2. Aren’t “coyotes” people who charge large groups of Mexican refugees a fortune to transport them across the border illegally? When I read the title, I pictured twenty refugees huddled on the side of the road out in the desert while some dude tried to get his truck started.

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