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The Divine Dissimulation

The Divine Dissimulation

I have no words.


  1. Some of the art is not too bad, but some of it just looks messy. And then the rest of the cover is just plain. Why not create art that fills the cover properly? Or just find a suitable stock photo that would work a whole lot better?
    Kind of looks like a school art project that was turned into a book.

  2. Wait, what exactly is a DIS-simulation? Is it something that is UNLIKE something else? Like a flight dis-simulator is just sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper? I could google this. I won’t, but I could.

    1. dissimulation
      1.The act of concealing the truth; hypocrisy or deception.
      2.Hiding one’s feelings or intentions.

      Myself I heard echoes of Iron Butterfly’s lyric “This is termination, the outcome of your life”: “Dis is simulation, the outcome of yo’ lie”.

  3. All publicity is good publicity… to be fair the background is I asked my girlfriend to draw the cover but due to miscommunication she drew it in landscape instead of portrait, hence the design failure. I originally planned the title “The Divine Deception” but that name was already taken hence I used the synonym dissimulation. Book available for a dollar at Amazon, or email me for a free pdf.

    1. With all due respect to your girlfriend, it’s just not professional-quality art, whether in portrait or landscape. People who already know you (or her) will forgive it, but that’s only a minuscule fraction of your potential audience.

      1. I know. But a professional artist cost money, money which I would have little hope of recuperating. Amazon self publishing is a good way to relatively cheaply print up a bunch of copies to give away to family and friends. Got contacted by a few vanity publishers, but there is no way I am spending $5000 on having a nice cover and an obscure publisher name printed at the bottom.

        1. Two things:

          1.The guy in the center looks a lot like ming the merciless from Flash Gordon. That’s not a bad thing it’s just how he looks to me. I don’t know if it was intentional or not.

          2. You could have shopped around on devantart for some one that that could do it for 100$. I don’t know how much in the budget you had for it but you can always save up for it and update the cover at a later date.

        2. “Amazon self publishing is a good way to relatively cheaply print up a bunch of copies to give away to family and friends.”

          This seems a pretty reasonable excuse for a less-than-professional cover. Occasionally we’ll see a book on here that makes me wonder if that was exactly what happened.

  4. $100 would definitely fit in my budget, I should check that out.

    I have no idea why my girlfriend made the villain Asian, he is not Asian in the book.

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