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Everything She Ever Wanted

Everything She Ever Wanted

The lackluster reissue of the late Ann Rule’s back catalog proceeds apace.


  1. The 1-star reviews on Amazon tell us that the story is too long, boring, and overly descriptive. So no surprise that the cover is extremely boring and lacking anything to attract readers.

  2. This may not be a major one of Ann Rule’s three dozen or so true crime books, but average Amazon rating of the book is 4.4 out of 5 averaged from 277 reviews.

    Which makes this cover a shocking example of betrayal. I won’t call it a shocking example of greed and betrayal. An attractive cover would promote sales. If I didn’t know the author’s or this title, this cover would definitely not sell to me.

    This is not the first time a deceased author’s backlist book reissue has been sabotaged by a lousy cover.

    1. Check out the hardback or paperback version book covers. This kindle “book cover” …. I’m gonna bruise my brain from shaking my head.

  3. It’s impressive how they made “Everything” look like an ruler. It has 10 characters, so it must be an metric ruler.

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