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From Amish Ashes

From Amish Ashes

Google the name of the blurber, and feel your jaw drop.


  1. WTF indeed. I see no Amazon reviews so that rules out the author cluelessly blurbing a troll so, what? Is it some kind of sick joke?

    1. Yes, but if your blurb is just going to be from that name — to “Bestselling Author of the ‘Amish Alpha’ Shifter Romances” — or whatever — then you really ought to know what comes up first on a Google search.

      1. Especially given that the Hannah Stoltzfus of whom Nathan speaks was the Amish victim of murder. I mean, come ON. No author could be that clueless.

        1. “No author could be that clueless.”

          All the time you’ve spent around here, and you still think so? That’s cute.

          1. Well…assume it was a figure of speech.

            Wouldn’t even the most clueless have Googled the author, herself, to see what others might see?

            And don’t forget–I was wise in the ways of the Force before I came here, CoverBoy. We’d done 2500-2750 eBooks before I started hanging out with you, Spanky, and the rest of the Little Rascals here. It’s been another 1,000 books, and, apparently, yes, sometimes I can still be that naive, to think that they just CANNOT be that clueless…but of course, you are completely right–they can be.


  2. I searched Amazon Books for Hannah Stoltzfus, no hits.
    Yahoo! first person I encountered was an Arkansas basketball player, then a murder victim.
    That is not a helpful blurb.

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