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The Girl on the Yacht

The Girl on the Yacht

No girl, no yacht… This is like the old Ernie & Bert routine about the picture of the cow eating grass.


    1. At the left if you zoom in closely (like 800%) there’s a 27 x 8 pixel blob suggestive of a boat; the girl may be one of the pixels. Or she could be below decks on the yacht.

  1. Maybe the GIRL is riding the YACHT over the great waterfall where the Tiltee Ocean drains over the edge of the earth, as a beer barrel ploppeth o’er ye majestic Niagara Falls.

  2. That’s the MYSTERY, fools! 😀

    Meanwhile, I’m confused about the authorship. “Donahue Thomas / Karen”? Does that mean Thomas and Karen Donahue? (And if so, why doesn’t it say that?) Or is one author transitioning?

    1. In legal terms the / means “or”, as in A/B means either A or B. If you write a check to John/ Jane Doe, either of them could cash it instead of both having to endorse the check.

      So I guess they aren’t certain which one of them wrote this.

    2. And, just to add an option, there is the Ryan-Hunter Mystery. Are they two people, or one person with a hyphenated last name?

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