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The Valley Chronicles: Quest

The Valley Chronicles: Quest

Oh, dear…


  1. This wins this year’s inadvertent font/text obfuscation Award. I mean…what do people THINK about, when they look at these designs?

  2. The only text visible at thumbnail ad size is “Quest”.
    Author and title are well camouflaged.
    Good tactic on a battlefield.
    Not so good on the virtual bookshelf.

    Yes I have a thing about how a cover looks at thumbnail ad size.

  3. There seems to be a marketing opportunity for an LBC Coloring Book series. Each volume will have 50 pages of random distorted images to color in and photograph with a cell phone.

    A companion series of the 2000 Lousiest Fonts Ever will feature letters you can color, cut out with scissors, mix in a bowl, draw out at random, and glue on. Adds a special touch to any book cover!

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