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Moxie’s Problem

Moxie’s Problem

Admitting it is half the battle.


  1. Man, is that supposed to be lower belly hanging down, under that peplum top? (For straight males in the audience, who don’t speak Project Runway, a “peplum” is a fluted, frilly-ish bottom to a blouse that flares out. Its purpose is to hide unflattering body bits. Unless you’re ungodly thin, and then it serves to show off just how thin and trim you are.) Note to the designer: the peplum is supposed to draw the eye AWAY from that, not to it, dude.

  2. The way she’s standing next to that tree, looks like she’s about to pull her trousers down and dump something by the tree.
    And why use a font where the M looks like boobies?

  3. My problem with Moxie is distribution lack – none of the craft soda sections at local stores carry it and I refuse to pay as much S&H as the price of a 12 pack.

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