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Indoor Gardening For Beginner’s

Indoor Gardening For Beginner’s




  1. Yupperdoodle. Anyone wanna tell her that plurals don’t get apostrophes? Or apostophe’s? No? Oh, well. I can’t figure out if it was mistakenly used in the title…or correctly used, mistakenly, in the subtitle. Bets, anyone?

  2. Plus, the photo appears to have been too narrow for the width, so the “designer” mirrored it near the left edge. Now the carrot tops, broccoli and what-not over there make a perfectly symmetrical garden monster with mantis eyes. Cannot unsee that hideous franken veg.

  3. Oh, this sort of thing makes me weep into my tea.
    As a type nerd, I fret not only when I see apostrophes where they shouldn’t be, but also when they’re the wrong bloody character anyway. The one at the top is a fugly straight typewriter apostrophe and I’d lay money that the one at the bottom is an acute accent; it’s certainly spaced like one.

  4. I think they meant “Gardening For Beginners” and [a] “Beginner’s Collection”.

    I can imagine what the proofreaders at the Press where I worked 1969-2004 would have done with that cover.

    But, then, we are imposing our ancient cisgrammatical privilege on a generation to whom beginner’s can be beginner singular possessive or beginners plural or beginner is or whatever. Face it, we are mean Grammar Nazis and (if we are not careful) a squad of AntiGraNa will descend and club us into correctness.

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