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Benjamin’s Field: Rescue

Benjamin’s Field: Rescue

A “forward” by a retired astronaut for a novel about the Great War. *facepalm*


  1. PosRein: that is a photo of a field.

    Nothing says lousy book cover like blatant typos. By fifth grade I knew an introduction or preface to a book was aka foreword just as an epilogue or postscript was an afterword. But that was 1950s schooling. Dagnabbit the problem is progressive education with its forward thinking, social promotion, trophies for showing up, *grumble*. Excuse me. I think the neighbor’s kids are playing on my yard again ….

    1. Oh, God. Glad you said that. I thought I was a dolt, b/c I didn’t realize it was a body of water for a while.

      Also–I wonder WHO awarded the “Reader’s Choice” award to it? Or Reader’s Favorite, or whatever? Clever, that…slap an award on there with zippo etymology, essentially. No attribution. (I’m thinking of designing a new one, from my company. The Booknook.biz Readers Wonder! award. No explanation, no nothing, just a seal. 🙂 MWAHAHAHAHA.

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