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Doctor Sweitz and the Code of Chinchilla

Doctor Sweitz and the Code of Chinchilla

Infected by a deadly disease called Mazpasha, the world’s poor and disadvantaged – the spotties – are ageing one hundred times faster than normal, but as strange as it seems, the ghastly temporal curse is nothing compared to the ill-mannered and brutal treatment dished out to them by the ASANEA Police and their biomutts.

By raise of hands, who thinks that that cover goes with that description?


  1. With a name like doctor Sweitz I thought this cover had something to do with the third reich.

    Hate to nit pick but if their aging one hundred times faster than normal how do they even live long enough to suffer ill-mannered treatment?

  2. Those stretch marks must be a bitch. “100x faster than normal.” So presumably, what, a year in 6 weeks? 10 years in 60 weeks/1 year? So, in 6 years, they’re old, and in 8-10 years, they’re dead?

    @Baby is right–how do they live long enough to be ill-treated?

  3. Judging the cover by the cover, the code of the chinchilla is obviously genetic (DNA helix) and not law or custom. Over all the cover looks like a health advisory brochure.

    Not the book from the blurb.

    70 years times 12 months divided by 100 = 8 months 12 days lifespan for a spottie. And probably not well enough to breed. Not much of a time span for ASANEA and the biomutts to reign in terror. I would worry about what those idle hands would do after the last spottie dies off.

  4. I really like the color scheme.

    But that 2280 above the Z is really distracting. If it’s really there, it should be visible, so I will assume it isn’t really there.

    Yes, I know, if I read the book I will know what 2280 is, but knowing what I wouldn’t otherwise know (because of the Look Inside), I will suggest that there should be something that indicates what 2280 is, even if it isn’t really there.

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