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I don’t think the people who would want to read this story…

When people start to succumb to a virulent strain of plague in the seemingly idyllic hamlet of Stillness, the CDC is called in to investigate.

…would pick up a book with this cover.


  1. And people who pick it up expecting a book about poetry or meditation are going to be really disappointed.

    1. Whose fields these are
      I think I know
      His house is in the village tho’
      Under strict containment quar-
      antine at Ground Zero.
      –Quiet Plague Reflections

    1. Dayamn, even a bloody biohazard icon would have helped. Just get a stock image of the usual “welcome to…” sign, put “Stillness” there, and then a grafitti biohazard sign. Instant cover. (And yeah, that’s so basic it would probably end up here, but at least it would be a better class of snark!!!)

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