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Tad’s Treasure

Tad’s Treasure

“Yes, the head transplant is taking nicely…”


  1. That’s not a child, that’s a ventriloquist’s dummy. Also explains the man’s clenched-teeth grin. “Gottle o’ geer.”

  2. Missing body parts run in the family. The guy’s arm seems to have been absorbed into the lady’s chest. Also looks like Boy has a baby’s diaper you butt beneath that vest. Franken-family, indeed!

  3. I don’t understand where the woman is looking. Not the child, unless she can see through the guy’s head.

    1. There may be something fascinating on the back of his head, maybe a praying mantis or something equally cool.

  4. Nothing says “sweet, historic western novella” ca. 1886 better than man, woman, child with modern grooming with supposed period clothes cut’n’pasted flatly on the photo. The book maay be better than the cover, but the cover is our first impression.

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