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The Car: a sonnet sequence with illustrations

The Car: a sonnet sequence with illustrations

I can’t think of a fitting comment.


  1. The tiny car’s windshield is fascinating. Are those pointy white things reflections, a butterfly driver, or very small members of the KKK sitting romantically close together?

  2. Author could not find a real car of the right type to photograph, so used a toy car instead. And then forgot to edit out the hands and body.
    Unless it’s a book about a toy car.

  3. This here’s a sonnet ’bout a car that’s red
    By a cheap sonneteer, stole the thing from Little Jed.
    And then one day he was sippin’ on a brew,
    Cogitated up a brainchild right outta the blue.

    A sonnet-sequence, that is.
    With illustrations.

  4. Next thing you know, old Jed’s an author fair,
    The critics said, “boy, that talent just ain’t there!”
    Said “Smash-em-words is the place you oughta be”
    So he wrote him another book and he went to NookPress-yyyyy

    Press, that is. Printin’ Presses. Bigger Cars.

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