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Vipers Brood: A Novel of Suspense

Vipers Brood: A Novel of Suspense

Sorry, ain’t no suspense reader gonna pick this up.


  1. Are you kidding? This is PACKED with pathos. Will those clouds turn into more clouds that bring a slow drizzle? Maybe with thunderstorms? Will the weather get so bad the traffic at O’Hare will be snarled for days and will little Jimmy then miss his plane and not get home in time to see Grandpa pass into the next world? I’m on TENTERHOOKS!

  2. OK, so not exactly suspenseful, but the buildings are slightly leaning. Might they someday perhaps fall?!!?!1!!

    Srsly though, the most exciting thing about this is the typo.

      1. Apostrophes? Chicago?
        Viper’s Vipers’ Schmipers.
        Apostrophes are for wimps from Waukegan.
        Chicago dont need no stinkin apostrophes.

  3. The vipers could be giant snakes nesting in the city behind the buildings. Those are leaning because the brood is about to hatch and wreak havoc! Maybe.

      1. …okay, so I have just learnt from Naaman’s comment that it was a Tiny Tim bit….! I first read it in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

        1. Hoooo, no. Tiny Time may have done the skit, but my parents used to tell that bit when I was a nipper–before Tim ‘ere arrived on the scene. Oldy but goody.

          Right up there with “tankety-tank-tank-tank!”

  4. Definitely “Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan”.
    How can we ask for anything any more noir than Chicago?
    Chicago, city of
    fleecy white white clouds on blue skies,
    green trees on the shore line,
    jaunty little sail boats on Lake Michigan,
    with a title that evokes Tiny Tim’s “I am the Viper…” skit.
    That’s noir, guys, soul of suspense and darkness.

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