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She: A Woman’s journey through herself

She: A Woman’s journey through herself

She’s surprisingly purple and arboreal on the inside.


  1. A book about a woman’s journey through her insides. Meant metaphorically I guess, but written by a man.

    Is it about a specific woman, or Woman as a subset of human? Is it a memoir of a man who used to be a woman, a blueprint for a man about to transition to a woman, or a book length mansplaination of what every woman wants even if they won’t admit it. (I have sat through many such explanations by men ive just met after fifteen minute conversations where he did all the talking, yet claims he knows all about me and insists on “explaining” me to myself.)

    I’d go look up the synopsis, but its much more fun making things up.

    1. Curiosity got the better of me and I read the description. Not surprisingly, it seems that you’re on the right track with the mansplanation angle, only with more schmaltz and less hostility. What a dopey book.

      …I don’t mind the cover, though.

  2. The trees look kinda cool, and I like the purples. The woman herself is the weaker part of the cover, ironically.

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