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The Canterbury Tales in Neverland

The Canterbury Tales in Neverland

Yes, I considered that the cover was meant ironically. But then I decided I didn’t care.


  1. It sounds like an interesting idea. But looks like it was written by a six year old. A very precocious, genius, six year old?

  2. ‘The Canterbury Tales in Neverland A Post-Apocalyptic Mystery of Literary Survival’

    I’m sorry WHAAAAAAT???

  3. Maybe it’s a continuation of that old Twilight Zone where the guy just wanted to read, then he had time once everyone died, then he broke his glasses. Maybe he goes insane an relives the Canterbury Tales group chasing a white rabbit down a hole?

  4. Bizzare and looking nothing like a book cover. Are you sure this is an actual book? Looks like a child’s art project at school gone wrong.

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