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Face the Winter Naked

Face the Winter Naked

Photobombing Sky Hobo!


  1. nice photoshopped banjo.
    Hey, I’m starving. No, no I don’t want to sell my instrument. I hear cattails are edible. What about sawdust?

  2. Thankfully, he isn’t naked as the title suggests. Other than that, the glowing banjo, his lack of a shadow, and the sepia-toned giant looking over the trees just makes this quite the comedic cover.

  3. The summary sounds interesting, and the author was apparently born in 1932 in Missouri, which makes it more interesting still, in my view. It’s really a shame that she didn’t have a better cover designer!

  4. I’m thinking ‘Great Depression Novel’ does not mean what this cover is leading me to think it means.

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