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Hell to Pay: A Journey to Apacheria 1886

Hell to Pay: A Journey to Apacheria 1886

A novel set in 1886, with bad flash photography on the cover? Whatever.


  1. Do you think that old Barb here knows that the Nde consider the Apacheria the only concentration camp in the world that was established in the 19th century and still existing today?

    Guessing NOT.

    1. I thought the same thing. Then I tried vomiting electricity, but sadly all that came out was peach schnaaps and chunky bits of hot dogs.

      Not nearly as cool as spitting up lightning.

  2. 21 Jan 2017 we were treated to Tomahawk Trail: A Journey to Apacheria in 1885. At this rate, by December we’ll be in 1887.

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