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Star Gambler

Star Gambler

What the what now?


  1. Is that ‘him’ on the cover? Okay, it’s not the greatest look… but wanting him dead? Bit harsh of The Whole Galaxy isn’t it?

  2. Star gambler. Is it a gambler that’s famous, or who gambles with stars as the currency? Or could be gambles with stars as opponents, I suppose. Wears them, drinks them, is on a star diet?

    1. My ideal sci-fi star gambler is Jason dinAlt of Harry Harrison’s Deathworld novels; I couldn’t imagine him surviving Planet Pyrrus in that get-up.
      (Look Inside: the cover is apparently Lissa the Scourge who wants Gage Walker dead. The gamble is life-or-death over Gage saving a planet and Lissa stopping him.)

  3. Is he Star Lord’s creepy klepto cousin? You know, the one who stole all those cassette tapes? 🙁

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