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Apocalypse Books 1, 2, & 3: Life After War

Apocalypse Books 1, 2, & 3: Life After War

Not just an author — she’s an Apocalypse Author!


  1. Why is it all distorted and kinda blurry? Did they take a photo of a cover they’d printed out on paper or something? I’m confused.

    1. It’s an effect of the apocalypse. It causes text to become blurred and slightly curved in random directions. Tough times, lemme tell you!

  2. Seriously? Seriously, I’m the only one that lost it over the idea that there are Apocalypses 1, 2 _and_ 3? I literally LOLed over that one. I can see it now “No, Susan! You can’t die now! Apocalypse #2 isn’t arriving for a few weeks yet!”

    I would expect that Apocalypse 3 would sell out a lot faster than 1 and 2, KWIM?

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