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The Warrior Mage

The Warrior Mage

How to make a cover:

  1. Steal some art.
  2. Put text across the nose.


      1. “Whiskey Flowers take my mind….
        Don’t let this cover torture me,
        Whiskey Flowers don’t run dry,
        There’s always a spot here for you and me…”

  1. No text on faces. ever!

    (Is this the result of dropping art, title and author into a standard book cover template and uploading to digital publishing w/o looking at the result? Tell me people do not consciously do covers like this and think it looks good.)

  2. Wow you guys are harsh. Yes I took a free art image but I am only one guy. If any of you know a place that does cover art I will look into it.

    1. “Only one guy” isn’t any excuse — people browsing your cover on Amazon won’t have you there to plead that they shouldn’t apply the standards to your cover that they apply to every other cover competing for their eyeballs. I know plenty of people who are “only one guy,” but who manage to have competent covers on their work. I call them “professionals.”

      There are literally DOZENS of places that do cover art and design, and they’re not hard to find — ten seconds on Google would have taught you that, if you’d bothered to invest ten seconds in making your book look better. Here’s a place you could start: http://covercritics.com/?page_id=18

      1. I can see your point but I am not going to spend 400 bucks for a cover on a 99 cent book. I think you all secretly like my covers but are pretending to be outraged like the liberal snowflakes you are.

        1. BWAH HAH HAH! Man, that’s the first time I’ve EVER been mistaken for a “liberal snowflake.” That’s so funny, I think I’ll put on my “Ted Cruz for President” pin tonight as I drive my car with the “Mitt Romney for President” bumper sticker on it.

          There are thousands of 99c books on Amazon with competent covers. I guess you don’t mind that readers will instantly know how much you care about yours, and spend their money accordingly.

          1. The fact you are e en falking about me means you love my book snowflake. And screw those other guys with their fancy damn cover. BTW I have a new book out

        2. “Snowflake” is an immediate signal you’re talking to someone with a certain type of insecurity. It’s like “cuck” that way–really only means anything significant to the person saying it.

          Anyway, your covers are here because they are boring and they suck.

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