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O N C E : Ask Me Anything, Not Love

O N C E : Ask Me Anything, Not Love

Dang, but this guy’s full of himself.


    1. First thing I thought, too. The Jedi School of Poetry and Haiku.

      “May the Poem be With You.
      Talent not necessary, we say.
      Down the Poet’s path, you will walk.
      Truly wonderful the longings of a poet are.
      Student Loans, we have.”

  1. Real arms? They seem so long and hands, I don’t know. Weird. Is this a biography? There are actual famous and historical figures who wrote memoirs detailing their epic lives and I don’t give a shit. What makes you think I want to know about you?

  2. ME, ME, ME, ME, ME! It’s all about ME! And check out the bitchin’ cover photo of ME!

    I <3 ME!

    Shouldn't everybody? 🙂

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