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Azalea Plantation


Azalea Plantation

Would have let this one go by except for that godawful title treatment.


  1. Lawdy lawdy. If she pouted any more, she’d be a Public Interest warning against bad filler injections. A la Goldie Hawn in the First Wives’ Club.

    “Oh, gosh, Belle, honey. What happened? You eat a lemon?” “No, Savannah, I just smelt the effect that this picshure is gonna have on my career.”

  2. Massa speSIFFickly tode me go make a jacarannay color font an slap it on by de ol’ jacaranna tree. Ah did rite, Missus?

  3. Anyone try to look at that title with 3D glasses? It hurts my eyes in the same way so I figured that must’ve been the intent.

  4. Who reads this genre? AFAIK there’s nothing corresponding in SA. Any Apartheid-fiction written post ’94 isn’t selling.

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