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Included largely because of the cover credit.


  1. Poor girl looks mortified. She’s like,”I wish I could just vanish from the face of the Earth.”

    Lady Liberty looks like she caught a cheap window tint job. What is that dark section supposed to be?

  2. I do rather wonder if the cover designer put this together with the dark rectangle over the bottom and the accreditation, for the author to approve and pay for before releasing the final version, and the author did a runner and used it without paying for it. Certainly it would be much more passable without those two elements.

  3. So using this cover with the cover designer/artist bar in place is the tactical equivalent of using a stock photo with the studio watermark still in place?

    (Implying it would have been removed if the cover had been paid for. For the record, cover artist credit like book designer credit is usually found on the inside-the-book credit/copyright page.)

  4. “Yes of COURSE you can put your name on the cover of the book you wrote, Michael – AFTER you’ve told everyone I DESIGNED IT!!”

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