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Atticus For the Undead


Atticus For the Undead

Actually, this is a fine cover — except that, at thumbnail size, it looks like there’s a kitten in the lower right.  No, seriously:



  1. Yeah, I agree, Nathan, this one’s kinda cool. Didn’t see the ghoulish face at first, until I read your comment about the kitten and looked closer. The ectoplasmic blue stuff would’ve done enough to suggest the spookiness. Didn’t need the ghoul.

    And it REALLY misses on that thumbnail with those “scale” eyes. It’s almost cute!

    1. Sirona, how did they not need the “ghoul”? It’s a paranormal fantasy / legal thriller revolving around a zombie on trial for murder. I think the cover is perfect!

      Also, I never noticed the kitty until it was pointed out, and even then it’s far reaching for me. Still love the cover. 🙂

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