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These Demons are Intolerable


These Demons are Intolerable!

No, seriously, I triple-checked: This is the FRONT cover.


  1. Evil children are evil? Actually, if it weren’t for the scanner issue, the drawn-over photo could make an interesting cover, depending tone of the story. It seems from the cover copy that it’s tongue-in-cheek. So start over with a better version of the photo, make it much larger so you don’t need as much background, and for heaven’s sake remove all the extraneous text! Plus a better font for the title and you might have a start on a non-ridiculous book cover.

  2. I don’t know. These kids look pretty tame to me. Look how obediently they’re posing, hands held in front, shyly in the pockets… They’d have a hard time convincing me these kids are demons incarnate. Even if the best possible cover was made using this photo, I would still think the grownups in the book were jackasses who want kids be tied up to a chair and sit still until they’re 23.

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