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Armageddon’s Song ‘Stand-To’


Armageddon’s Song ‘Stand-To’

War is hell? I believe it.


  1. This cover brings to mind a very apt bit of Navy slang: FOND (or FOAD, for the Army/Air Force types here).

    1. I have met Ann Diamond but I would not describe myself as a friend of hers (No xmas cards and all that). As for Neil, well I cannot even claim that, although I am surprised at the musical tastes of the senior service. Rum sorts those matelows!

    1. And people ask why 99% of female stand-ups get a proper job or starve??

      I am joking Wendy, I follow your blog. (humorous in its insight fullness.)

    1. Thank you for that. Would also like to inform us that a watched pot never boils, and that we should look before we leap?

    2. Thank you Spiker, very kind of you to say so but I have already enquired if Mr Shumate is able to put hospital corners on the existing covers (as it were). The books are paying the bills each month but a nip-tuck is a possibility.

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