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How to Play Online Poker


How to Play Online Poker

I’ve got no better comments than submitter Sarah’s:

“I’ll just snag a screen cap while I’m playing an online-poker game and slap text on top.”

Oh, and the author’s name IS on the cover. You just have to look for it. And look for it. And look for it. (Hint: chat box section of the screen-capped image.)


  1. Gotta wonder if the screen snag cover violates any copyrights. Hie thee to an IP attorney!

    And talk about being sooooo, like, creative on the cover!

    Oh, yeah, it’s about how to *play* online poker. What about *winning*?

  2. He has a bunch of other players’ screen names on there as well. .. “Bet” they’re thrilled.

  3. “Mr. Shivaka, we have good reason to think you are playing online poker during work hours in a state where online poker is illegal.”

    I wonder if you can buy this book in states where online poker is illegal.

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