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Obsessed With Me


Obsessed With Me

Of all of the headscratchers here — the obvious cut-and-paste abs, the bizarrely non-centered type — I think I like the CGI dreadlocks the best.


  1. The guy is really freakily proportioned. He kind of reminds me of that furry, headless monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoons (if you see his nipples as eyes).

  2. This is truly dire in execution. I get where the idea is coming from but the whole cover makes it look like a trite, stereotypical porn novel, not at all what the story seems to be representing. Nul credibility points.

    1. Ahh, actually, just read more of this author’s output and it seems to be of the dubious/non-consenting “romance” genre, as one reviewer put it. So the cover does fit, sort of.

  3. So this is a story about genetic mutations and the women who hate them… tonight on Jerry Springer!

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