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A matter of frequency.

At three covers a day, I’ve got scheduled posts lined up clear until July 16th. Should I move to FOUR covers a day? Or would that overload your crap reservoirs?


  1. Three is good. Four covers a day might burnout my snark and my retinas. (I’ll still keep reading if it moves to four though)

  2. You want our heads to explode, don’t you. It is up to you, what can you handle?

  3. Go for 4, or even more! Browsing LBC daily is my megalaugh-of-the-day. And I can always use more laughs.

    I doubt you’ll ever run out of LBC’s to post. In fact, at 3 or 4 per day, they’ll probably stack up to the 22nd Century.

    MORE, MORE, MORE! I say.

  4. The more, the merrier. This page made me edit my draft book cover three times, and I’m thankful.

  5. I really love this site! However, I don’t know, some of these covers are so terrible I just want to go cry for awhile. Four might kill me, and if I am found dead at my desk, the last thing I looked at being someone’s awful cover, my family will sue!

  6. I would prefer 3 a day. that way the new material will last longer. I have spent most of the last two weeks at work in meetings so my crap capacitor is running at full. I really doubt it can take much more.

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