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Shadow Across the Sun


Shadow Across the Sun

Once again, text that’s unreadable at online retailer sizes rears its something something.


  1. I feel the urge to grab people and scream into their faces. “Book covers are supposed to make people buy the book!”

    They aren’t supposed to remind me of the homeless man on the bridge who sells his paintings for 50p each.

    1. Given that it’s a memoir and abstract art on covers of memoirs, like poetry books, does work. I’d buy it. The only thing that I think is wrong with this is that you can’t read the title.

      1. Abstract paintings may sell memoirs, but this particular piece on this particular cover is boring as all hell. My eye would skim over it, even discounting the ‘unreadable’ thing.

  2. Shadow Ass the Mower Sherri? Try to read the title with the thumbnail on Amazon.

    The “art’ on the cover is too bland to inspire reading.

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