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Unexpected Gifts


Unexpected Gifts

Find me any two objects from the same photo. Go ahead.


  1. Well, if any of the objects were from the same photo they wouldn’t be unexpected, would they?

  2. Does the girl and the book count as one or two objects?
    Hmmm, I just bought this package of clip art and domain free photos. I know, use all of them in my book cover and remember to obscure my name.

  3. Hmm, glad you clarified the title because the font makes it look like “Onexpected” or “Anexpected”.

  4. I like the idea; the reading/discovery image is sort of understandable but the execution overall is completely dreadful. Stop with the mixing mediums!

    I think I get more sad when I see LBC covers that could’ve worked. If they’d been done by someone who knew what they were doing.

  5. All this cover needs is that image of the glaring wolf that appears on all those werewolf novel and then, presto, it becomes brilliant satire.

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