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Your Magic Touch


Your Magic Touch

The icing on the cake is how the edges don’t line up along the bottom.


  1. Such an easy thing to fix, too. At least for anyone with even a smidgeon of knowledge about PhotoShop

  2. There is cake? Yet another lie.
    Maybe someone bump the “artist’s” computer while he was creating the cover.

    1. I’d take the “bestselling author” tag with a pinch of salt. I traced through her books, and Kissing Kelli which is referred to is at # 178,000 in the Kindle Store. It seems all her books refer to a previous ones as by bestselling author. Words are cheap, as someone once said.

      1. Ok, I was hesitant to believe that too, but I didn’t think you were allowed to make stuff like that up. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t constitute “bestseller” in my book…

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