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Fire and Earth


Fire and Earth

There’s more to designing your fantasy book cover than taking your camera to the RenFaire.



  1. Facial expressions are so valuable. Is she flirting with the photographer or laughing at the audience? If only it looked like she were focused on the target (a face that looks like it has seen battles would be a nice touch, too). Nonetheless, this will probably appeal to the Ren Faire fanatics.

  2. I’ll dare to admit I see nothing wrong with this cover. The picture is in focus, the font is legible, the image may actually have something to do with what the book is about. I’m okay with it.

    And no, I’ve never been to a Ren Fair.

  3. I have a feeling it is the author’s girlfriend and he had to do it.

      1. Lesbians write too.

        Meredith is gender neutral though you hardly hear of a guy by that name these days.

        Looking at the author’s photo I now think it is more likely a selfie pic.

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