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Myadar’s Snare


Myadar’s Snare

Pro Tip: If people can’t read your cover, they probably won’t read your book.


  1. I’ll go ahead and make the obvious point, that this is a lightly redrawn poster for the classic film “Metropolis.”

    1. You’re right! It’s meant to be a tribute. 🙂 I suppose it isn’t for everyone. I’m polling people now to see if they agree with you all, though. If a lot of people express similar concerns, I’ll change the covers. Thanks for taking an interest in my book!

      1. I’ve got no problem with the Metropolis homage; I think it’s the type treatment that sinks this cover. You’ve got:

        1) Vertical type
        2) An unfamiliar name in the title
        3) A hard-to-read, ugly font

        Any one of these would make the title harder to read; all three of them together renders it nigh-on impossible. (One of Nathan’s unwritten rules is “If your title is dominated by an unfamiliar word, at least make it easy to read.”)

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole book was written in this top-to-bottom style instead of the boring and conventional left-to-right style.

  3. And just to add to our pleasure it’s a serial novel! I took a look and all the others use exactly the same format. I guess when you hit on a winning formula you stick with it… At least the author will, when she finds one…

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