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Sailing Into the Abyss


Sailing Into the Abyss

Just me and my Polaroid.


  1. Because nothing says ABYSS more than calm seas, a sailboat, and a hot chick.

  2. I don’t see the abyss at all. I see her rather prominent derriere, I see a peaceful sunset scene. And then the author’s name in lime green that hurts my eyes.

  3. So, what genre is this anyway? Romance, Chick Lit, Suspense Thriller, SciFi, NF Travel Memoir? No tag line or other identifier to let a casual brower know what the book’s about.

  4. I’ve seen many magnificent sunsets, ocean photos, sailboat shots, and hot chicks, but this has to be among the worst of each. Photographer might want to ask the girl to fix her hair, or, here’s an idea, turn around. Why does it take 3 different fonts to write a total of 6 words? With a little more effort, we could even break all of the cover design rules with a single book… or just throw this cover into the nonexistent abyss.

  5. I’m concerned by the fact that it says “sailing into the ABYSS” and then it shows her ass….what exactly is the author trying to say there?

  6. Author: “They screwed up the title again! It is ‘Sailing Into the Ass By Sunset’! No wonder my sex novels don’t sell.”

  7. This looks like a tampon add from the 70s or maybe the cover of a mail order album “Greatest Love Song from the 70s”, available on 8-track tape.

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